Genuine Adidas Jackets or fake brand clothing?

Whether sporty Adidas jackets, Polo Shirts noble or special T -shirts, labels and brands are coveted – and not cheap. Counterfeit brand clothing often looks confusingly from genuine, but the differences are large.

Those looking after beautiful, fashionable clothes, can not get past the so-called brand clothing. Especially in the sports and leisure sector are accessed again and again gladly well-known brands, for the qualitative advantages are obvious. Those who opt for top brands, but must also draw a little deeper into the wallet. Many a buyer, the Adidas jackets and the like appear to be expensive, trying to dress fashionably and yet supposedly low by fake branded clothes.

Counterfeit brand clothing often costs only a fraction of the original, but should be taken when purchasing Caution! In particular, the quality usually has distinct differences. Adidas jackets or sneakers, for example, have a very high quality that can not be achieved in the least of counterfeit products. Cheaper products from Asia or South-Eastern Europe are often made from inferior materials, the comfort can sometimes be desired, the durability is often extremely limited.

The apparent bargains turns out to be quite expensive but out, though it can hardly recognize more the shape of the jacket after washing or the sneaker formally dissolves into nothingness after one kilometer jogging. But fake brand clothing raises even more problems: Often, these products are manufactured under the worst working conditions. Brand companies pay close attention to the working conditions that prevail in their manufacturers in counterfeit cheap products, this is hardly the case.

The corporations avoid big sales, fake brand clothing causes a high loss of profits. The market for fake brand-name clothing is great, sneakers, jeans, Adidas Jackets – there are few brands that are not found to be a forgery. While trying to tackle officially drastic methods, however, by strict customs checks, inspections of traders, especially in the Asian region, but above all, the consumer is asked.

Five Flies: Really Cool Kids Clothes Mode

By chance I came across Five Flies, a young German children’s fashion brand. Honestly I did not know the brand. I have looked at the collection times more accurate and have to say that I am pleased with it. As Frohtag lover her know that I love colorful and casual children’s fashion. And that seems to be Five Flies… Look here for upcoming collection: Five Flies

About Five Flies

The young child fashion label Five Flies offers now already the third collection and sichschon has successfully established itself in the German market. Eyecatcher of the collection are teas, LA -shirts, hoodies and Jackets made ​​of soft cotton for boys and girls aged between 2 and 14 years.

The handwriting of Five Flies with striking prints with great attention to detail. It is exclusively produced in Portugal in order to ensure sustainability, quality and speed.

Now I have a question for you: Would Five Flies suit Frohtag?

It is well known that we place the emphasis on children’s fashion label from the Netherlands and Scandinavia. But, since we are always on the lookout for exceptional designs, Five Flies is perhaps for Frohtag in question…